Who's Your one? 

When you think of someone far from God, who’s the first person who comes to mind? Is it a neighbor? Coworker? Parent? No matter who it is, God can use you to reach them, and we’re here to help. We must do whatever it takes to reach the lost and it starts with ONE!


Get started today!


Imagine the impact if every Christian had ONE person they prayed for and shared the gospel with.   SHARE YOUR ONE


30 DAYS OF GUIDED PRAYER: Use this guide to pray specifically for opportunities to tell your one about the good news of the gospel. 


Ask YOUR ONE to join you at church this coming Sunday, to come with you to LifeGroups, and open your home as you reveal Christ. As we share the Gospel we share our Lives that are found in Christ. 


Life change. It all begins with a conversation. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most profound reality of life. But sharing it with someone can be as simple as three circles. Discover how you can share the gospel with anyone using the Life Conversation GuideCheck out the 3 CIRCLES TRAINING VIDEO

THEN DOWNLOAD THE LIFE CONVERSATION GUIDE APP. This APP is designed to help equip you to have conversations with people about Jesus. The LIFE CONVERSATION GUIDE APP helps answer the following questions in a simple and memorable way so that you can begin to naturally and actively share it with others.   

          ▪ What was GOD’s DESIGN?

          ▪ How did we depart from God’s Design through SIN?

          ▪ Can anyone escape BROKENNESS and what does BROKENNESS feel look and feel like?

          ▪ How does the GOSPEL of Jesus answer the questions that BROKENNESS brings?

          ▪ How does the GOSPEL compel one to REPENT & BELIEVE?

          ▪ Can we through the Gospel RECOVER & PURSUE back to God’s Design.



Share your Story so we can celebrate with you as we give God all the Glory! Tell us about when your ONE came to LifeGroup or Church with you. Let us know when you shared the Gospel with your ONE. Share what God is doing in your neighborhood, at your work, and in the lives of those He has placed around you to share the Gospel with.